Alix possesses penetrating insight into and uncanny understanding of the human condition. She is a wizard at facilitating her client's physical, mental, and emotional potential. Alix has an extensive background in Mind / Body therapies. These include Certification in all protocols of the BodyTalk System, professional certification as a Life Coach, NDT Therapist and Instructor, NeuroLink Practitioner (advanced levels), Eidetics, Right Family Dynamics, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Master and Teacher.

If you seek REAL change in any part of your life, she is the source.

“You don’t need to believe that this system will work, in order to profoundly experience it. You don’t need to believe in the ocean to get wet; however, you do have to jump in.”

New Decision Therapy™ NDT, NeuroLink™ (<< Make the text a Link to New Page), & the BodyTalk System™ BTS are for those who want to make real and lasting changes - Physical, Mental, and Emotional - on the deepest levels. If you want to stop 'pushing the river' and start to 'go with the flow,' you can ride the rapids of life with joy and enthusiasm.

New Decision Therapy

Our bodies are memory banks - our lifetime experiences are all stored within the body.

New Decision Therapy allows us to go directly to the subconscious and the cells of the body, replacing the pain of our lives with new love, new perspectives, and joy - our hidden treasure.

Unconscious decisions are brought to a conscious level so we can act in our own lives rather than simply being reactive. Clients are often amazed to learn that they've spent much of their lives reacting, based on old conditioning, rather than acting for the highest good, or doing what is truly right for them.

Often it is what we unconsciously hold in our memory, or things we believe are 'forgiven and forgotten,' that are wreaking havoc physically and emotionally. These 'forgotten' memories can manifest as self-sabotage in health, career, and relationships - destructive patterns we repeat throughout our lives.

NDT effectively releases us from old pains and old conditioning. It is time to live fully through NDT.

The BodyTalk™ System
The body has innate wisdom which, when allowed, can heal the body at all levels.

The body fails to heal itself because it's communication system has been severely compromised through the stress of life and the interference superimposed upon it. Once you re-esablish a good communication system between the various parts of the body, the body can and will heal, except extreme and/or emergency situations.

BodyTalk re-establishes communication between body parts, allowing the body to heal.

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