Life Coach

A Life Coach is there to see clearly where we really are in our lives, both personal and professional, and helps us make a plan and guide us through changes and overcome obstacles in all areas of our lives. A Life Coach gives us the plan and cheers us on, keeping us on track straight through to accomplishment. Often this means giving proper insight into our blockages, false beliefs, and self sabotage. This insight, coupled with a plan of action, strong, certain, and clearly focused direction, and sometimes a good hard push are what's required to transform your life.

Alix has coached many people through changes in their personal lives, from relationships, to weight loss, as well as career issues; promotions, job changes, career changes, and starting their own businesses.

She has coached those in management positions from middle management to business owners to CEO's to put a whole department or company into proper flow.

Whether your need is to change one area of your life, your whole life, or an entire company, a Life Coach may be just what you need.

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