New DecisionTherapy™

An Introduction by Alix Rodwell

Quantum Healing through New Decision Therapy, when it's time for a real and permanent change.

A New Lease on Life!
Since my life is dedicated to healing, I am always interested in learning and practicing the most effective modalities available. Daily, I watch people and their lives transform, as they release old poisonous thought forms and return to their authentic selves.

Negative emotions and traumatic experiences work like slow poison in our bodies, minds, emotions, and our lives. Every experience in our being is stored in our mind and bodies on a cellular level. As negative experiences are stored, they become a destructive force, depleting the life force itself. The unconscious decision is made, "If this is what life is about, I don't want to participate."

These negative experiences, even if they are not consciously remembered, eventually express themselves in negative and self destructive behaviors, physical illness, dysfunctional relationships, addictive behaviors, self sabotage, or simply a lack of joy in our lives, or as emptiness.

In New Decision Therapy, we first bring the original pain into consciousness. Then, through a process of forgiveness, understanding, and the release of anger, guilt, and regret, we remove the trauma from the system at the cellular level. The issue is healed - usually in one session - and the benefits come quickly.

Some Examples of the Power of NDT

Jill, a woman in her forties, called me a year ago - she was in a living hell. She was filled with fear, and was married to a drug addicted, alcoholic, occasionally employed man. She was in a financial mess, owing everyone including the utilities and wondering if she could afford food.

Her husband was arrested and sentenced to six months in jail. Jill knew it was time to get help and set her life in order. She came for weekly sessions, and the transformation began. Where is she now? Out of debt, happily divorced, working less hours but making more money, smiling, happy, and dating a nice man. Her life is continually getting better.

Here is an example of a physical difficulty ceasing to express. Don, had a recurring ulcer over a 20 year period, and had tried every treatment available from antibiotics to cabbage juice. The ulcer would be 'healed' for a while, but would come back in a few days or a few weeks. New Decision Therapy took him back to the original trauma and released it. In the three years since, the ulcer has not recurred.

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‘The ‘Last Straw Event’ is located using applied kinesiology.’

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‘A mirror is used to address the brain on both conscious and sub-conscious levels, thoroughly removing the trauma.’

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‘Applied kinesiology is used again to test and make sure the event has been cleared.

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