Enjoy some testimonies from satisfied customers who have benefited tremendously to Alix's work.

Alix says: Because many of my clients have dealt with very private and sensitive emotional issues, they may not wish to use their full names. Should you wish to speak to clients concerning their experiences, many are happy to receive phone calls from prospective clients. Call or email for more information.

My husband and I tried to conceive for two years before going to see Alix. We had been to the fertility clinic and all the humiliating things that go along with infertility treatments and decided to go see Alix as a last ditch effort. Three of my very close friends had shared their experiences with Alix so I decided I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. I was scared to death to go to my first session, but forced myself to walk up the steps to her door. I sat down and answered her questions with what I thought would be the correct answers and went through the first half of the session half heartedly. I don't know what it was, but I began to sob and poured my heart out before I layed down on the table for Body Talk.

That was four years ago and to this date: I have a beautiful, healthy son My marriage is no longer hanging by a string I can see past my families issues and am building healthy relationships with my parents I love myself and have forgiven myself for all the poor choices I have made I am excited about my life and am actually living in the moment vs being a spectator and going through the motions.

I have been through years of counseling with both psychologists and psychiatrists that did not work. I was put on antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication and never did I ever see the results I have with Alix. She helped me get to the emotional side of my pain and anxiety and I am living proof this works. I know what it is like to be skeptical and drive from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is wrong. Filling prescription after prescription trying to ease the pain and anxiety. I understand that this may seem strange and unconventional, but if you would just give it one session you would see that she can "CHANGE YOUR LIFE".

Arcelia H.
League City, TX

To completely improve ones life on every imaginable level is pretty great give me what comes from your heart and experience. Even to be accepted exactly as you are and teaching you to accept and love yourself.

I believe that complete health can only be accomplished when one is spiritually, mentally, and physically balanced. Having been a raw foodist for one and a half years when I met Alix, I had the physical aspect of the equation down pat; however, I definitely needed more work in the mental and energetic side of this important balance. Ironically, I had no idea how much I truly needed to work on this part of myself. When I began working with Alix, I had a basic understanding of subconscious energy work because I had done holographic repatternings as well as other energy therapies; however, I had not yet learned how to implement such techniques into my life to truly make a difference. From my first meeting with Alix, my life shifted forward. When I say shifted forward, I mean, I literally moved from Nashville to Houston and transferred colleges. This was one of the most important moves I think I could have ever made for myself. This shift signified that I was finally allowing myself to be happy. I was accepting a new journey of living the life that I wanted to live…with no restraints and with no complaints. I thought that life and opportunities would have come to a peak; yet, life just kept getting better after that point. I found that you can never stop making goals for yourself, especially when it comes to improving the way that you look at the world and when it comes to improving the relationships in your life, especially the relationships with yourself. My biggest accomplishment to date has been learning to truly love myself and those around me unconditionally. It sounds easier said than done, but to be completely accepting of every person and circumstance around you can be quite a challenge. Each time I go to see Alix, we work on a deeper layer that must be peeled off. As I peel off these layers, life only becomes better and better. By better, I mean, I have received over three new scholarships this year, I have my first job that actually pays good money, and did I mention that I accidentally created my own business that not only feeds a community every week, but also supports local and organic farmers! I’ve been given the opportunities to sing at Rice/UT baseball games and even the Houston Aeros’s games….and even the Rodeo. These are all just small peas in the pod compared to what I have accomplished with my family, and better yet, what I have accomplished within my own power. The best part about Alix is that she does not do ANY of this for me, yet she allows me to thrive on my own. She gives me the tools and frees me from my own burden so that I can accomplish the desires of my heart. So while I may not have lost 100 lbs or had a grandiose makeover, I changed my life from the inside out to literally create a loving and happy environment everywhere I go. Everywhere I go is filled with opportunity, and life offers itself to me. Of course, I continue to work on myself on a daily basis and to set new goals for myself because there are still heaps of work left to do for myself to help improve the world. I now realize that life is what you make it. I try my best to live through inspiration and intention- to live with love, acceptance, and gratitude. Before, I had no idea what it meant to live according to those words, but now I know. Thank you Alix for becoming a part of my conscious family and for helping me to clear out old and dusty bricks off of my back that were affecting my happiness and success my whole life. The journey has been amazing, and I look forward to the future.

Houston, TX

Even my first appointment with Alix was life changing! It only gets better from there! She is amazing, an angel! If you want to be happy she will light the trail for you.

Tracy L.
League City, TX

My self esteem and my life have improved drastically and are still improving.

No more hot flashes or mood swings!

Sharon S.
Houston, TX

I was diagnosed with aggressive Hepatitis C - my doctor had not real hope to offer. I heard of Alix through a friend and made an appointment. Three weeks after my first session, I went back to the doctor to retest my status. No active Hepatitis C was found; my liver enzymes were close to normal levels. I’m continuing appointments to improve physical and mental health!

John G.
Houston, TX


"A change on the inside can make a big change on the outside."

I first met Alix Rodwell through a mutual friend in early 1999. My life had just exploded due to my mother’s death and, three weeks later, a request by my husband of 33 years for a divorce so he could be with the woman with whom he had been having an affair. The woman was someone I had known for many years and was supposedly a “friend.” With Alix’s help, this turned out to be the beginning of a wonderful new life. The marriage was bad and needed to end; the life waiting for me was more wonderful than I could even begin to imagine.

Through many hours of NDT and later, BodyTalk, I began to grow in many different ways. Without Alix’s help and guidance, I am confident I would not have grown as I have. Our sessions together enabled me to handle the stress and trials of death and divorce with a much greater sense of peace and confidence than had I been trying to deal with it all on my own.

I don’t foresee a time when we are “done.” I now look at my life as a continual growing experience and an ever-changing adventure.

Ann Z.
Houston, TX

To the outer world I was a quiet, nice, friendly person. I was invisible and wanted to stay that way.

My private life was a shame-filled mess! I thought if I stayed in the background, being ‘supportive’ (making excuses for everyone), rescuing all and being the family ‘Saint and Savior,’ I truly believed I was doing the best for everyone. The truth was I was locked in a terrible debilitating dance with my husband and in it we both spiraled downward! I believed that if I left, and left my role as ‘responsible rescuer,’ I would become truly invisible. Without my identity in The Dance, I would not exist, and every thing up until that point, would have meant my life was A LIE!

If I stayed, I would either explode with anger, or implode and be a shell of a person – the walking dead. I was afraid – there seemed to be no way out.

At that point in my life I turned to Alix. We began to work toward my healing using a combination of New Decsion Therapy, Reiki, BodyTalk, and Alix’s inimitable coaching style. (I had tried traditional therapies before with no healing or changes taking place). Through continuous work we began to pull back the layers of lies, defenses, self-delusion and skewed perception under which I had lived for so long.

I got myself and my life in order. Finally the real person was emerging, more and more visible, responsible for her own life and well-being.

I was ready to take on each new challenge – not fearlessly, but with faith that I would survive – not only did I survive, but with each challenge I grew and flourished!

Without the patience, wisdom, and true healing work that Alix Rodwell offers I could not be the person I am today; Happy, Healthy (physically and emotionally), prosperous and excited about my life! For that I thank Alix and the forces that put her in my path.

Houston, TX


"A change on the inside can make a big change on the outside."

Alix Rodwell is a master of intuitively selecting the modality specific to the individual in order to transform, removed blinders and blocks and enable one to act in their own life. She has transformed me and my life into possibilities I could have only imagined in the past. I suggest the same for you . . . .

Elaine L.
Clear Lake, TX

Over the course of a year, my hands trembled more and more to the point that I could not control a pen well enough to write. My digestion was terrible, and when I went to the doctor I was sent to a specialist and diagnosed with involuntary tremors and unspecified liver disease with highly elevated liver enzymes then offered no viable help or treatment plan. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Alix - 6 sessions later the tremors were gone completely, my digestion perfect, and my liver completely normal. I’ve been in perfect health ever since.

Brian S.
Huntsville, TX

I started New Decision Therapy (NDT) 3 years ago. I had been searching for an effective means to better my life mentally, emotionally and physically. I had read every book and visited just about every spiritual healer to practitioner available reaping the same result getting stuck further in denial. As of three years ago, I thought that I had all the answers even though I was miserably unhappy with myself, relationships and career. I lived in a fantasy world that I created to keep myself safe from the real truth.

Judgment was one of my best tools of coping with life. No one was ever good enough or right enough which always made me feel safe yet unknowingly more removed from society. If I could judge them first, then I could be spared judgment.

Struggle also ranked high in my life as part of my daily existence. To be worthy in my mind, nothing was to come too easy. My belief systems firmly held onto subsistence thinking with career, money and relationships.

Immediately upon being first exposed to NDT, I knew that this was a tool that I had to experience first hand. Although I held in my mind false truths of having much knowledge of life and spirituality, I had deep hurting feelings of anguish, struggle, guilt and unworthiness that contradicted my every thought of spirituality that I possessed,

My initial work with NDT brought immediate results. I knew that I was making progress every time when my ego rebelled internally as denial of the truth was removed.

I felt as if a dark side of me was sloughing off my body and spirit. As uncomfortable as my being felt during this process, I knew intellectually that years of past conditioning was failing its previous control.

I finally began to experience increased degrees of success in career, love and living life without that tug of failure lurking on my shoulders. Unexplainably, I would wake up the next day feeling wiser and happier. My body and the frequent chronic injuries that crippled my sports career as a tennis pro and member of the USA paddle team began to disappear. Judgments that kept me isolated from falling in love have dissipated to the point that I have found true control by not needing control at all. I am continually graduating from the fear of not ever having enough finances. The inner burden of the destructive beliefs that I once possessed are growing weak.

My continued dedication to the work that I do with NDT and the newly added Body Talk techniques have become part of my journey in seeking the truths that I have yet to unveil.

Mike M.
The Heights, TX

A true healer in every sense of the word!

Kristen C.
Houston, TX

In need of a TRUE Life Coach? Alix more than fits the bill!

Dan M.
The Woodlands, TX

My appointment time with Alix is the ultimate “Ahh-haa” experience in personal growth! I have grown so much in every way through the work I have done with Alix. My appointments are a priority in my life.

Caroline W.
West U. Texas

Having tried “ New Decision Therapy”, BodyTalk”, and Reiki”, with other practitioners I can tell you there is no comparison! Alix takes it all to a whole new level. Comparing would be like comparing Kool Aid to rocket fuel.

Mary D.
Houston, TX

As I tell my friends---Alix isn’t cheap-but she is worth ten times what she charges! I can’t afford not to afford her.

Karen B.
Houston, TX

If I won the lottery, I would give Alix one million dollars off the top! She gave me back my life.

Linda J.
Baytown, TX

I was seeking a career coach, I found so much more! Not only my career, but my whole life has new, positive strength and direction. I get the clear coaching and encouragement I need to optimize my potential.

Sherri R.
Sugar Land, TX

I feel great! The emotions are happy and peaceful. The body is trim and fit, even my hair looks better, it’s thicker, healthier. You don’t always feel it happening, it just happens.

S. H.
Houston, TX

I joined one of the biggest network marketing companies in the world, and I worked really hard to be truly successful, then I hit a level I just couldn’t break through. An acquaintance suggested Alix might help me overcome the situations, and people who seemed to be holding me back, I made an appt. I had good advice. I saw Alix once a week for three months. My perspectives shifted, and so did my world. Alix taught me how to handle myself and others in ways no coach, book, or tape ever had. I reached my goal! I am forever grateful.

Pamela U.
Houston, TX

"Designer Diet"

I've tried losing weight before. Shedding the pounds was only part of it. I wasn't successful losing weight or keeping it off until I shed my old image of myself. Alix created an approach to weightloss for me.... I can't explain it, I just know it works.

Sarah H.
Houston, TX

Alix did remote healing for my Dad at my request, Dad had become very ill, he is in his 90’s and the doctors gave us little hope. They knew Dad had a circulation problem; they just hadn’t help to offer. Alix did two remote BodyTalk treatments on Dad, he almost instantaneously gained strength and all symptoms started to disappear. Two days after the second treatment Dad had no symptoms, he was up and around, strong and happy. The doctors were stunned! They’d given him only weeks to a couple of months to live. Now six months later he is still doing great. We are so happy to have him still here with us. I’ve asked Alix to do once a month remote sessions for dad to help keep him as healthy as possible.

J. Smith
Clear Lake TX

I was hurt in a car accident, my recovery was going slowly. I was afraid that I would never be quite right again. I was always in pain and spent most of my time keeping appointments with doctors, Chiropractors and physical therapists. I had both pain and numbness, I was told I had nerve damage; I was given pain pills and told there was little else to do. A friend referred me to Alix. Alix used BodyTalk, Neurolink, and Reiki, it has only been a month since my first session, I’ve had two more since, my improvement is nothing short of spectacular! I am sure now that shortly I will be my old self again. I recommend Alix to everyone!

Houston, TX